Clemson Men's Track and Field has been cut.

On November 5th, Clemson Athletic Director Dan Radakovich turned the lights out on a historic program, announcing the decision to cut Clemson's men's Track and Field, as well as Cross Country programs, bringing an end to the 67 year old program that has won 23 ACC titles, 16 NCAA titles, and produced 22 Olympians and 179 All-Americans.

Despite having the 25th largest athletic department in the country, two football national titles in three years, and national praise and media attention for Unity marches to support the Black Lives Matter movement this summer, Clemson has decided its less profitable black athletes are expendable. 

The 51 men on the track and cross country teams at Clemson represent:

     ~70% of non-revenue producing black male athletes 

     - 20% of black male athletes

     - 3% of black male undergraduates 


Dan Radakovich's decision flies in the face of Clemson's carefully crafted public image, and it's mission statements around diversity and opportunity. 


"The mission of the Athletic Department is to sponsor a broad-based athletic program that provides educational and athletic opportunities for young men and women to grow, develop and serve the interests of Clemson University by complementing and enhancing its diversity and quality of life."

Clemson Athletic Department Mission Statement

(No mention of profit)

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