Who Are We?

We are a group of Clemson alumni, former track members, current team members, and track fans. We believe in the ability of our sport to bring together young men and women outside of a classroom environment in a way that enhances their learning experience and personal growth. 

We believe college athletics extend beyond producing revenue for public universities. We are fighting for opportunities for young men with diverse backgrounds to earn a college degree. 

At this time we will remain anonymous to preserve the current athletes ability to compete in the future without fear of repercussion from the University and the NCAA. We appreciate the time you've taken to learn about Clemson track and field and the young men that make up this team, and we thank you for your support. 

You Can Make A Difference

You can do more than just be upset and informed. Take coordinated action to save Clemson's programs by joining our mailing list and using your voice.